1. Service Fees:

I-Whiz will charge a flat Service Fee of:

a.   5% from the Buyer;

b.   5% from the Supplier/ Distributor.

(Our Service Fees exclude any applicable conversion rates that may apply on any transactions upon payouts).

2. AWS Storage Costs for Supplies:

Products uploaded on I-Whiz Cloud Services are subject to AWS storage charges. Credit card payment details shall be provided prior to uploading any products on the I-Whiz Cloud Services. Payments will be charged monthly according to each Supplier's total usage (inclusive of I-Whiz admin fees) and processed automatically subject to cancellations

3. Taxes:

All amounts payable by Customer to I-Whiz under this Agreement are exclusive of any tax, levy, GST, VAT or other relevant governmental charge that may be assessed by any jurisdiction (Taxes).